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About Us

Moose Air Conditioning Services is the leading HVAC solutions provider serving Whittier California. Having operated for several decades now, we pride ourselves experienced technicians who help customers when it comes to AC solutions. At Moose Air Conditioning Services, we remain committed to providing our customers with maximum comfort at competitive pricing. This is through the provision of high-quality HVAC solutions meant to provide proper air conditioning and heating solutions. Our wide knowledge in the industry and the trust that we have earned from our customers, has given us a competitive advantage when it comes to heating and cooling solutions. We serve the residential and commercial customers and our aim is to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and professionalism.


Moose Air Conditioning Services provides certified technical assistance when it comes to installation, repair, and maintenance of various heating and cooling devices. Through dedicated service, we have seen our company continue to grow each year.


Here are some of the services that we provide to our esteemed clients.

Heating Repair Services

If your heating unit is giving you trouble, Moose Air Conditioning Services will provide a quick solution. We have the right tools for problem diagnosis. Therefore, when you contact us, we will be readily available to help you out. Our qualified heating repair technicians will upon finding out the issue fix it quickly getting the Moose Air Conditioning Services back to the working condition. We provide blazing fast HVAC Services Whittier folks.


Air Conditioner Replacement

Every year, we see advanced AC systems coming, and have more features compared to the older generation of ACs. You may want to do away with the existing AC by replacing it with a modern one. Moose Air Conditioning Services will be readily available to walk you through the journey. From identifying the latest more functional AC to uninstalling the existing one and installing the new one, Moose Air Conditioning Services will be readily available

Air Conditioner Repair

Residents of Whittier California understand how hot summer gets. The last thing you can imagine is a faulty AC. In case your AC system just conked out, Moose Air Conditioning Services will provide professional repair services bringing it back to full functionality. Therefore, just call us and our professional staff will be readily available to assist you. We have been providing our customers with reliable AC repair saving them from the need to purchase a new AC when the existing one stopped working. At Moose Air Conditioning Services, we have solutions to even the most difficult problems and we will be glad to serve you.


Furnace Installation and Repair Services

Are you looking for furnace masters in Whittier California? Moose Air Conditioning Services provides professional furnace installation and repair services. We understand how frustrating and disappointing a faulty furnace might make you feel. When the furnace stops working, you do not have to spend the night in the cold waiting for furnace repair technicians to come. Just call Moose Air Conditioning Services and we will help you no matter the time of day or night. Our furnace repair and installation masters remain committed to ensuring you feel warm and comfortable and that is why we provide fast and efficient service.

Air conditioner Installation services

Moose Air Conditioning Services provides premier air conditioner installation services. whether you require a brand new air conditioner installed or just a replacement of the existing air conditioner, Moose Air Conditioning Services is the trusted AC experts in Whittier California. We work with factory-authorized personnel when it comes to installation of the air conditioners, helping us to provide you the best and reliable services. Providing competitive AC installation services, we have stood out from the competition and this makes us the most preferred AC professionals. Therefore, next time you need a replacement of the existing AC or moving of the AC from the current location to different room, we are your reliable service providers.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your AC thermostat is faulty, then definitely the AC will not provide automatic adjustment feature. hire a qualified technician who will assist to get the AC thermostat back to the working condition. At Moose Air Conditioning Services, we have the AC thermostat experts. Contact Us for great HVAC Services Whittier citizens!

Dial (805) 516-0799 for immediate assistance. We provide 24/7 availability and so we will repair the room heater ensuring it is fully functional.

Soon after you have called us, we dispatch our professionals who will be at your home within a short waiting period. We have invested in branded service vans and so the time taken to arrive at your premises will be minimal.

24 Hours Air Conditioning Services